Crystal XP Theme 3

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One of the best themes available at the moment for Windows XP

As you can clearly tell from its name, Crystal XP Theme is one of the best themes for Windows XP to be found at the moment.

Attractive, elegant, functional, stable... Crystal XP Theme has it all. It modifies all the original icons of Windows (explorer, internet, control panel etc), its visual style (the style of your windows, start panel, buttons...), the logon screen (the one who shows « welcome » ;), all the animations (copy and paste - cut and paste - search...), the wallpaper, the icons of explorer toolbar (previous - next - display properties...). You don't need any additional program to install it nor run it, simply download the program and install it, which is also completely personalizable. At any time you can uninstall it and return to the original Windows XP look. Totally recommended.

In this you can configure all the elements to have them exactly as you like. You can set up the wallpaper, which comes in a resolution of 800x800 pixels. There is also a screensaver, and icons as previously mentioned. There are also tones and a new Start menu, all themed just as if had chosen them. And of course it changes nothing of the functionality of your computer, just the way it looks.

So there you have it. If you want to jazz up your desktop with the most famous and best desktop theme for Windows XP, then you need a program like this Crystal XP Theme. And best of all is that you can download it for free! What are you waiting for?


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